Inspired by the Australian beach culture, Aussie Bombshell promotes leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

Our prime message is to promote positive body image, following the mantra: "Anyone can be an Aussie Bombshell."

The key to being an Aussie Bombshell is having confidence and happiness in your day to day life, no matter what your age, shape, clothing size or gender.

As long as you carry yourself with confidence and a smile, you'll always be an Aussie Bombshell. Love yourself first, and love our products just as much.

Penni Towner


Penni Towner, founder of Aussie Bombshell, had a vision to create an iconic brand inspired by the Australian beach culture, particularly that of her hometown in Perth, Western Australia.

Seeing the need to promote positive body image and self-confidence, the importance of self-belief and inner beauty, Penni has successfully combined her personal message with a quality range of beauty and lifestyle products that people genuinely love.

Leading the way for this Australian brand, the Aussie Bombshell Sunless Spray Tan with its own unique express formula was successfully launched in 2010, now with a rapidly growing number of stockists and fans across the country.